Grip Armsport represents a community of strong, hardworking, determined, and disciplined arm wrestlers.

Founded in 2022 by longtime enthusiasts and professional arm wrestler Zack Perkins, Grip Armsport, located in Ohio, is worn by arm wrestlers around the world. We create premium arm-wrestling apparel and gear that can be worn anywhere.

Our clothing line represents arm wrestlers who deserve the best.
We deliver products made for workouts, table time, competition, and everything in between. Our product development is ever evolving and improving. We are always looking to make things better, whether it’s through designs or materials. We make a big deal out of the details, getting the right fit and having the highest quality.

Our development team is proud to work with the best arm wrestlers in the world and we cater to those who have a true passion for the sport. Be assured that we welcome those of you that have what it takes to be among the best.

Grip Armsport has a design-with-purpose approach and is ever evolving. This is why all apparel is made in limited numbers. Once it’s gone, it’s gone! We want to make sure that we can constantly update designs and materials to always bring you the very best. If you live and breathe arm wrestling, you are already Grip Armsport.

Whether just starting your arm-wrestling journey, making the transition from amateur to Pro, or a top-level elite, we want to be a part of the journey. You work hard and we work hard for you.

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